Taiwan’s manufacturers should focus on developing higher value

Taiwan has overcome the Deck Screws Manufacturers in 2009 and the plating crisis in 2014.Compared with other industries, the fastener export performance by Taiwan was still acceptable.

Taiwan has one of the largest global fastener clusters, which includes companies focused on every aspect of the fastener process, including materials, drawing, forming, machining, heat treatment, surface treatment and inspection. Overall we can hold optimistic views of the future trends of the industry.

Taiwan’s manufacturers should focus on developing higher value added products for industries such as automotive, aerospace, medical and motorcycle.”.

During the same time, Taiwan’s business increased by 60%. It is important that as an industry we take the next step in our development. To add to this Taiwan’s fastener industry also has a vast R&D capability, as well as first-class quality control systems.” How do you see the future of the fastener market?

“Taiwan’s fastener industry felt the impact of the global economic downturn in the second half of 2015. The main advantage for Chinese fastener manufacturers is the low cost of raw materials in China.

Quick and easy setting also enables the user to save time

The newly authorised adjustability, as well as the three different setting depths for each concrete screw dimension, provides a flexible and fast assembly also for uneven surfaces and tight edge and spacing distances.

Specifically for the purpose of exterior applications, a concrete screw made completely from stainless material (A4) has been added to the product range.

New generation of Mungo concrete screws Deck Screws Suppliers 07 November 2016 Mungo Befestigungstechnik AG has introduced a new and innovative generation of concrete screws. Meeting the ETA requirements for cracked concrete and multiple fixing for setting depths beneath 40mm, the screw can be used in a variety of applications in a diverse range of industries.

Quick and easy setting also enables the user to save time and energy at a single stage of work, which enables a more efficient and cost saving installation. This innovation, as well as the variety of head geometries, provides the widest range of applications, such as assembly of railings, façades, consoles, steel profiles, cranes, machineries and much more.

The customer can stay informed about the status of the Kanban box

Ref: FFM981603/132Originally published in Fastener + Fixing Magazine Issue 98, March 2016. During screw assembly of mating components, the screw has to be tightened with sufficient torque to produce the recommended axial tension load between the host component and the threads of the screw in order to prevent loosening

Click here to download the full Technical Article (PDF).How to maintain joint integrity when converting from metal to plastic 09 May 2016 By Christie Jones, market development manager, SPIROL International Corporation The weakest sections of many plastic part designs are the joints and assembly points.

By offering customers individualised consulting, innovative processes, vast experience, as well as customised Kanban solutions, Ferdinand Gross is able to make sure that its customers can concentrate on what’s important – production.

Because FALCON is also available as an App for smartphones and tablets, the customer can stay informed about the status of the Kanban box everywhere, all the time. The Kanban customers integrated into the ERP system of Ferdinand Gross can process all known order release components